Sarah Ashley

Sarah Ashley

Blogging Nerd

Sarah Ashley, Blogging Nerd

Sarah Ashley burst forth from her mother’s womb on a cold November afternoon. As she emerged, triumphantly screaming for life and saturated with the remnants of her placental chains, the autumn clouds parted, sunlight poured over the city, and a wise baboon lifted his head knowing greatness had been born that day. The doctor, upon seeing this infant’s face, knelt to floor and stared in awe at the spectacular intensity and truth in the child’s eyes. The nurses quietly began to sing hymnals telling of The Second Coming. Mother and Father knew not when they conceived her, but realized as Sarah was put into their arms that this birth was the embarkment of a universe altering destiny…

Or so the story is told around the campfire. In all actuality, Sarah is a Bay Area native living in San Jose, CA. Movies and books ruled her childhood. On many a Sunday, she would read books with her mom in the morning, then watch a movie in the afternoon with her dad. It was through her parents that Sarah developed her love for classic comedy, sci-fi, and
strong female leads. When it comes down to it, Sarah loves stories that capture your imagination, tie it to a chair in a dark room, and play good cop, bad cop to no avail, then resort to jabbing sharp objects under your imagination’s fingernails until it starts think things it never would under any other circumstance. That metaphor got a little out of hand, but you get the idea.

Sarah graduated in 2008 with a BA in English (and thusly is the blog editor extraordinaire). She loves to look at grand cultural themes as found in entertainment and art, and of course talk about it. That’s why she’s here. That, and Nerdonomy really needs a female voice to be heard amongst the word vomit that emits from her male counterparts. And she’s hilarious and sexy.

*This Biography was paid for by the Sarah Ashley for Galactic Empress in
2021 Campaign*