Roxi Nobari

Roxi Nobari

Photography Nerd


Roxi’s birth name is actually Roxana. Her parents didn’t pick that name because of a fascination with the love interest of Max Goofy in A Goofy Movie, nor thanks in part to that red light loving hoochie in that one song by The Police. As a matter of fact, she was named by her history buff of a dad who insisted that his only daughter be given the namesake of the Persian princess who was captured and married off to Alexander the Great right after he killed her own father and basically made the Persian Empire his bitch. Princess Roxana got even by murdering Alexander’s second wife, so no hurt feelings I’m sure (I’m not sure). Cool story, right? Right.*

Anyway, this Iranian-Canadian-American nerd has had an adventure of a life, starting all the way up north in Ottawa, Ontario, and ending up in the sunny and stressful Bay Area, California. She’s really just a California girl with big hair and personality to match. Roxi majored in Psychology and minored in Theatre Arts, earning her BA in Psychology in 2012. Currently, she’s pursuing her Masters in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, and hopes to work with kids doing things like Drama Therapy ( and other Expressive Arts Therapies.

Roxi is also an avid semi-professional photographer, shooting head shots and portraits for actors, models, musicians, narcissists, and families with cute babies who only smile while they’re pooping (the babies, not the families). You can check out her work at

Roxi is a huge fan of film, television and theatre, and she loves nerding out about her most recent Netflix series obsession, as well as fangirling over anything to do with Spider-Man or 90’s-era Brad Pitt. She also loves animated films, David Fincher movies, and Jodie Foster. On most nights, you can catch her spooning her iPad while she binge watches Battlestar Galactica, or trolls tumblr (tweet me your best doge memes @roxinobari). She does have a second-degree black belt in Songahm Taekwondo, but don’t worry, she doesn’t bite! She’s just kinda sassy and really loud when she drinks.

Roxi is beyond stoked to be a member of the Nerdonomy crew and looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for everything film and entertainment with our Nerds on Film listeners!