Eric Bricmont

Eric Bricmont

History Nerd

Eric Bricmont, History Nerd

Who is the Bricmont? WHO IS THE BRICMONT? Why are we so concerned with this? Well apparently I’m not enough of an open book on the podcast, so
here I am in a nutshell.

Egypt, history, sicence, my wife and kids, Star Trek…. BOOM!

Ok, fine. The first time I stepped foot (or baby booties in this case) in
a museum, I was 6 months old. It was my very first trip to the Rosicrucian
Egyptian Museum, but certainly not my last. Dad has always been a lover of
history and I find myself following closely in his foot steps. No big
surprise then that at the age of 15, I would return, not as a guest, but
as an employee. I spent 10 years educating the public, installing
exhibits, handling priceless artifacts, and getting up close and personal
with Mummies. I met and married my wife there, and experienced I’m sure
half a dozen other pivotal moments in my life in those walls. Then I left to try my hand in the high tech industry, which is where I am now.

In between being a part of this amazing adventure called Nerdonomy,
writing children’s books, designing board games, and being a full time
parent, I find myself obsessed with Star Trek (and sci fi in general),
amateur astronomy, movies (again mostly sci fi), and photography. I also
love the outdoors and would much rather spend a week in my cabin near
Tahoe than a second in the city.

I am fourth generation San Jose-ian, with roots dating back to 1860 in the area, and 1651 in Belgium. I live in the city with my two beautiful (thanks to my wife’s genes) daughters and my lovely wife.

My passion is clearly History. If you listen to Nerds on History, then you, too, share a little of my passion each and every week.