David McGuire

David McGuire

Movie Nerd

David McGuire, Film Nerd

The year: 1988

The place: San Jose, CA

In this cozy mountain town (fact: the nearest mountain(s) are at least ten
miles away), a young family welcomed to the world a baby boy who was said to bring laughter and smiles to the world around him (fact: he was not to bring about anything other than frustration and jokes made at the most inopportune times). As if written in the stars, the love of cinema and creativity would flow through his veins providing those around him the ammunition for ridicule and scoffs (fact: this one is true).

David was brought into the film world at a young age, and he found joy getting lost in the stories. It was at this realization that he knew what he was destined to do. After he fulfilled his first destiny of defecating in pants every half hour, he knew he was going to be a part of the film industry, come hell or high water. Starting at the age of nineteen with his first script endeavour (fact: this film was never completed, but ask him about it and he’ll show you the trailer), he has evolved and written several other scripts that range from outlandish comedies to realistic dramas.

Currently David is working on two original short films, one scheduled for released mid 2013 and another to be in production by the end of the year.

He lives in Sunnyvale, CA with his three boys (fact: these are actually cats….fact: he is not a crazy cat man. Because no one know about the defecating…oh wait…please don’t tell anyone.)