The Nerdonomy Home Game!

If you are a regular listener to the podcasts ( then you may have heard us drop a few references to the nerdonomy home game. Well this game hasn’t really existed…

UNTIL NOW! (Did you guys just get excited? Because I know I did…)

So here’s the game:

The Setup: First subscribe to the podcasts, and tell your friends about it. Pick a friend or two to play with when a new episode comes out, and pick a Nerd to represent you! You earn points based on what your Nerd does during the podcast. For instance, if I’m listening to an episode of Nerds on History, I can pick Eric and someone else can pick Bryan. If one of the other Nerds is guest hosting on the show, like Kevin, then a third person may join, or those points can go to both players.

You earn points based on what your Nerd does during the course of the show. Tally these points, and add them up at the end. Whoever has the most points wins!

The Point System: (If you wish to turn this into a drinking game, go cray as long as you are at least 21 and are doing so responsibly. Try alternating points for sips, chugs, and shots.)

Relates a subject to Eygpt – 3 points
Brings up Star Trek during an unrelated topic – 5 points
Makes a bad pun – 7 points
Surprisingly brings up a movie reference – 10 points

Relates a subject to Catholicism – 3 points
Brings up Batman and/or Superman during an unrelated topic – 5 points
Says “Clearly…” – 7 points
Talks about getting emotional (ie crying) over a film – 10 points

Says “Essentially” – 3 points
Says “You shut your whore mouth” – 5 points
Mentions being an English Major – 7 points
The precogs are mentioned by anyone – 10 points

Says “Ambiguous” – 3 points
Brings up LOST – 5 points
Acts like Chandler from Friends – 7 Points
Mentions hatred for McG – 10 points

Mentions “getting excited” about a topic – 3 points
Quotes a movie – 5 points
Says “In my opinion” – 7 points
Mentions Spielberg during unrelated topics – 10 points

Makes every other podcast host break out laughing – 3 points
Mentions Kevin Smith – 5 points
Makes a joke that would be offensive if said in public – 7 points
Disagrees with Bryan on something – 10 points

If a Nerd calls Ackbar (the nerdonomy safe word) – 25 points to the person on that Nerd’s team

So there you have it! Feel free to adjust based on your tastes, or even suggest alternate ways to earn points. I hope you all have fun with this weekly game, and let us know how you do!

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