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Episode No. 69 (tee hee) — Mel Brooksuary: The Historical Significance of Farts



The Nerds start the movie marathon month of Mel Brooksuary with an episode about one of his most controversial and hilarious films: Blazing Saddles!




I typed up some notes while watching Blazing Saddles, so here ya go!

Fun Facts:

  • “Tex X.” was the name of  the original story, written by Andy Bergman.
  • Brooks brought Bergman onto writing team which was unusual. Bergman was thankful Brooks didn’t just take the story and murder it.
  • Richard Pryor (writer) was supposed to play Bart, but was too much of a risk to the studios.
  • “Le Petomane” a French “flatulist” or “professional farter.” (1857-1945) Farting as comedic performance art. From French Verb “péter” (to fart) and suffix -mane (maniac.) Brooks used the name to suggest “Full of hot air.”
  • One of only 2 movies Brooks shot in anamorphic widescreen. (The other was History of the World Part I”
  • Alex Karras (Mongo) former NFL football player (Detroit Lions) then played the dad on Webster..
  • Inspired a pilot for a TV series called “Black Bart” starring Louis Gossett Jr. It aired once in 1975 and is available on the 30th Anniv. DVD and the regular Blu Ray.


  • Cost $2.6 million to make. Brooks says that the cast a crew “made nothing on it.”
  • $119.5 million Box Office Gross (Only the 10th film in history to go over $100m)
  • Won a WGA Award for “Best Comedy Written Directly for the Screen”
  • Oscar Noms: Best Sup. Actress (Kahn,) Film Editing, Original Song.
  • Added to Library of Congress in 2006: Deemed culturally significant because it was the first movie from a major studio to have a fart joke.
  • Box Office Mojo – 4th highest gross for a Rated R film.
  • Critically somewhat of a failure at the time. Roger Ebert gave it four stars.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Dock that Chink a days pay for nappin’ on the job!”
  • “We work up a number 6 on ’em.”
  • “A number 6 I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that one.”
  • “Well that’s where we go a ridin’ into town a-whompin and a-whoppin’ every livin thing that moves within in an inch of its life. Except the women folks of course.”
  • “You spare the women?”
  • “Naw, we rape the SHIT out of them at the Number 6 dance later on.”
  • (Music)”Now its a time of great decision. Are we to stay or up and quit. There’s no avoiding this conclusion. Our town is turning into shit.”
  • “As chairman of the Welcoming Committee, it is my privilege to extend a laurel and a hearty handshake to our new… nigger.”
  • “‘Scuse me while I whip dis out.”
  • “The fact that you have sent him here just goes to prove that you are the LEADING ASS-HOLE in the state.”
  • “I musta killed more men than Cecil B. Demille.”
  • “Loz im geeeeyyyyn!” (Let him go.) Yiddish.
  • “They darker than us. Woof.”
  • “You’ve gotta remember that these are just simple farmers, these are people of the land, the common clay of the new west… you know… morons.”
  • “Mongo! Santa Maria!”
  • “God Darnit Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a $20 whore.”
  • “Daddy loves froggy. Froggy love Daddy? Ribbit. Ribbit.”
  • “Of course you’ll have the good taste not to mention that I spoke to you.”
  • “Oh. A wed wose. How romantic.”
  • “Fifteen is my limit on Schnitzengruben.”
  • “Mongo only pawn… in game of life.”
  • “Hey boys. Look what I got here.”
  • “Hey where are the white women at?”
  • “Qualifications?”
  • “Stampeding cattle.”
  • “That’s not much of a crime.”
  • “Through the Vatican?
  • “Kinkyyyy. Sign here.”
  • “Alright. We’ll give some land to the niggers and the chinks… but we DON’T WANT THE IRISH.”
  • “No deal.”
  • “Ah prairie shit… everybody!”
  • “OH LORD… do we have the strength to carry out this mighty task in one night…. or are we just jerking off?”
  • “Amen.”
  • “Now go do… that voodoo… that you do so weeeeeelllllll.”
  • “Somebody’s gotta go back and get a shitload o’ dimes!”
  • “Piss on you. I’m working’ for Mel Brooks!”
  • Guy Dressed as Hitler in the Commissary.
  • “How many days you got left Marty?”
  • “They lose me after the bunker scene.”


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