Resident Papal




When I saw the picture above, it blew my mind. What the hell is going on? The Pope, the spiritual leader of 1.18 billion people, is in fact controlled by the insidious Umbrella Corporation.
As I write this, I do so with great fear, for we all know what Umbrella is capable of. With the Pope now under their influence, it raises some important questions. What is Umbrella’s ultimate plan? How many of the Pope’s inner circle have been affected? Perhaps most importantly, why retire?

Clearly Umbrella is out for world domination, total and complete control of all governments and militarized forces in the world. Yet, not all of the technics we’ve seen from them revolve around zombie making viruses. Sometimes mind control will do just fine. If you’re familiar with their attempts in Spain a few years back, then you know what I’m talking about. Seems to me that if you want to invoke a system of world wide mind control why not start with 1/7 of the world’s population. No one spreads disease like Umbrella. Sacramental wine which is given during Communion each and every Sunday seems to be the most likely method for distribution. Come Easter, the world’s Catholics would be completely indoctrinated. With a Pope loyal to Wesker and his gang, that should be an easy enough task to fill.

Still one person couldn’t do it all alone. No, there must be many more in the loop. Just how many Cardinals  Bishops, Priests, and Deacons are involved? 211 Cardinals in the world may seem small but to be quite honest the hierarchy of the church makes it easy to accomplish their goals.

Ok we have a reason, a method, and even conspirators. Why then is their most important piece of the puzzle retiring!? 600 years was the last time a Pope abdicated his position in such a way. It would seem that drawing attention to the master plan like this would be a bad idea. With so much attention being given to Benedict XVI, might we be seeing over confidence rearing its head? Or, and this is a big “or,” Benedict is resisting his mind control, thus throwing a wrench in their insidious plans. Forcing him out now may be the only option.

So what we do? How do we resist? Watch the coming weeks, closely friends and if you’re brave enough to suggest a solution please let us know.



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