Quarantine Reunion episode artwork

Episode 1: Quarantine Reunion

Welcome Back!

On our new show, we have a rotating table of co-hosts from all areas of Nerd-dom.  Our topic…is..well..the topic on all of our minds, so made the episode about the quarantine.

We can all agree, that overall, 2020 has been a sh*t year (thanks, CoVID-19). But thanks to technology like Zoom, Webex, and Discord, we can still keep in touch with our friends and family during these uncertain times. We start our first episode of our new podcast off as a quarantine reunion, by talking about how our lives have been changed by the current state of the world. Then we also spend time talking about what entertainment we’ve been consuming to help us get through this pandemic. We also receive an update from an old friend. Finally, we close things out by sharing a time frame for when the remaining episodes of Season 1 will become available.

The rotating table of hosts featured on this Episode are: Gina Giovenetti, Sarah Ashley, Dave McGuire, and Bryan Moriarty.

We also want to close out be saying we thinking of you (yes, you) in this quarantine episode. You are our loyal listeners. We appreciate you, we miss you, and we’re with you through all of this. Stay safe.


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