Presenting for your enjoyment, Nerdonomy!

Greetings to you, Nerdlings! Yes, you! Have you been looking for entertainment with an educational twist? Perhaps you wish to have your funny bones tickled with comical and sometimes explicit conversation? Then, come one and all to NERDONOMY! A place of wonder and surprise, of creatures and feats beyond your imagination, and of silly writing that fancies itself to be like that of a mid 19th century side show!

If you haven’t visited us before, then you are in for a treat. Who and what are we, you ask? (I’m pretending like you asked for style purposes. I can’t actually hear you… or can I?) We are a group of folks who enjoy talking about nerdy things. We like history, movies, literature, television, technology, and science. We like obsessing over these subjects, absorbing as much knowledge as we can, and expressing it to anyone who will listen, even if it is purely anecdotal. We’re a hit at parties.

Of course, nerds need an outlet for nerdy fixations. We transpose ours into weekly podcasts for the world to hear. Nerds on Film is like your best friends sitting around a table cracking jokes while discussing movies, television, and entertainment media. Nerd on History is a fun story time where you expand your knowledge of our society’s past, and how it relates to modern day. Give us a listen! I promise you won’t regret it.

In addition to wooing your ears, we are now starting a blog, since we need to say everything that can’t necessarily fit into our podcasts, and to give our fingers a workout with all that typing. The Nerdonomy site is now complete with superior technology such as blogging (oooooh), a fancier layout (ahhhhhh), and overall stronger internetting capabilities (technology!).

2013 is a year of upgrades and big changes for us at the Nerdonomy network, and we are so thrilled to be continuing this grand endeavor. Don’t forget that you can like us on Facebook (Nerds on Film, Nerds on History), and follow us on Twitter (@Nerdonomy), as well as email us from our Nerds page. Please come back often and check out what we have to offer each week via our podcasts and our blog posts. Please? We love you.

With much appreciation of your support,

The Nerds

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