2 Catholic Kids Talk About Easter. Deal with It.

With Gina and Bryan co-hosting the episode, you know things are going to turn Catholic.  In addition to answering the all important question: “Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar?”  They proceed to talk about their weird picks for Easter viewing, post Brunch.

Listen as Gina and Bryan talk about the Rankin Bass “classic” Here Comes Peter Cottontail and the 70’s horror cult film Night of the Lepus, as well as biblical spinoff The Robe and a couple of their favorite South Park Easter-themed episodes.

All the Clichés NOW – Part II

In this episode, we have the second half of our discussion with guest Dave McGuire to talk about romantic comedies. But first, we start off with Gina rage-reviewing Winchester, where she points out the several heavy historical inaccuracies and story problems she had with watching it.

Once we get back to the main topic, we discuss our favorite and least favorite romantic comedies, with such classics at Some Like it Hot, America’s Sweethearts, and several more.  We also discuss the social influence of the genre, and where the genre might need to change to move forward. We hope you enjoy it!

All the Clichés NOW – Part I

Since it’s February, and we’ve never really done it before, we decided to go with the seasonally appropriate topic of romantic comedies.  Listen to part 1 of our discussion, features Nerds on Film co-founder Dave McGuire.

Slight correction:  At around the 32:00 mark, Bryan says “Ephesus” when referring the The Comedy of Errors.  He meant to say “Antipholus.”

Spielberguary: Nazis and Bible Sh*t Part II

In the second half of our first Spielberguary, we continue our Indiana Jones discussion with Nerds on Film co-founder Dave McGuire.  We, we discuss Indy’s character development, and the further progression of the series through Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.