Unspeakable Acts of Christmas Cheer

Eric and Bryan welcome their first spectators into the Nerdcave, as well as Nerds on Film co-host Sarah Ashley, to wrap up their month of Christmas themed episodes by talking about one of most popular Christmas stories of all time.  Merry Christmas!

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Photo Credit:  First Edition of A Christmas Carol, photographed by Heritage Auctions, Inc.  Dallas, TX

Let’s Riddle Them with Darkness!

Eric and Bryan welcome a very special guest to discuss the history behind the Holiday classic, The Nutcracker, and receive some Christmas gifts from some of  their listeners!

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Photo Credit:”The Nutcracker in Opera and Ballet,” Хомелка, Wikimedia Foundation


In what will literally be a once in a lifetime opportunity, Eric and Bryan welcome back health blogger/podcaster Kaila Prins (a.k.a. Miss Skinny Genes)  from In My Skinny Genes and Finding Our Hunger to discuss the overlapping of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.  We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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Shampoo is Betta!

This week, the nerds get to geek out at talking about one of their favorite years for movies, 1995!  Listen as the nerds talk about such cinematic classics as Billy Madison, Braveheart, and several of Bruce Willis’s works.

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Photo Credit: Various Movies Companies, and Google’s sweet image search engine.

A Bit More Socially Responsible

Eric and Bryan take a listener’s feedback to heart and devote an episode to telling the story of one of the most fascinating,  misunderstood and discriminated cultures in history.  Many know them as the Romani; you know them as gypsies.  We hope you find it as enlightening as we did.

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St. Columbo, Patron Saint of Detectives

With that start of November being All-Saint’s Day and El Dia de Los Muertos, Eric and Bryan felt obliged to follow-thru on listener feedback and devote an episode to Catholic saints.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Foundation, Painting by Fra Angelico.