E.B. Returns: Oh-hell-yeah

Eric Bricmont is back, ladies and gentlemen! He and Bryan celebrate April Fool’s Day by talking about many strange holidays from around the world. Most of them are legitimate, but its up to you to find out which ones are bogus.

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Photo Credit: “Burning the Viking Longboat”, At the Up Helly Aa 2008 Celebrations in Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland,

Dave Cleghorn

The 2nd Annual Nerdonomy LIVE Oscar Podcast

This is a downloadable version of our live Oscar podcast that can be synced up with a recorded version of the Oscars in case you missed it. You should download this episode rather than stream it so there’s no chance of any hiccups. You will need to be linked to Wi-Fi to download it as well since the file is much larger than our normal episodes.  ENJOY!

Who Shot E.B.? – Jack the Dripper

Eric Bricmont got SHOT! (Ok, calm down, not really) But while Eric is away, Bryan enlisted the help of a mystery guest to assist in talking about one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in history: Jack the Ripper.  Tune in!

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Photo Credit:  A map of where the Whitechapel Murders took place, based on an 1894 Ordinance Survey, attributed to the British Crown.

I Demand Smell-O-Vision!

In preparation for the 86th Academy Awards,  Eric and Bryan discuss the fascinating history behind movie theaters, and more specifically, movie palaces.  Join us as we explore the cultural impact of these institutions of entertainment, and see why they should be preserved.

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