Artwork for our Oscars Recap 2019 episode.

Oscars Recap 2019: Look at Me!

This episode marks our Oscars recap for 2019! Bryan and Roxi welcome friends of the show Vanessa Alvarez Moriarty, and guests from last year’s Oscar recap Hayley Lovgren, and Andrew Kracht.

Please excuse the audio issues. There are a few moments where there is a tiny bit of static from our audio signal.   We did our best to clean it up.

In addition to our recap, our regular listener/feedbacker Ellie channels the Bard to dish out more insults at Sean. Lastly, we make a very important announcement shortly after feedback, at about the 51:15 mark.


The Oscars® are a registered trademark of A.M.P.A.S. This podcast is no way affiliated with the Academy.

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