NoF’s 4/20 Ackbar Spectacular

The Nerdonomy Home Game!


If you are a regular listener to the podcasts ( then you may have heard us drop a few references to the nerdonomy home game. Well this game hasn’t really existed…

UNTIL NOW! (Did you guys just get excited? Because I know I did…)

So here’s the game:

The Setup: First subscribe to the podcasts, and tell your friends about it. Pick a friend or two to play with when a new episode comes out, and pick a Nerd to represent you! You earn points based on what your Nerd does during the podcast. For instance, if I’m listening to an episode of Nerds on History, I can pick Eric and someone else can pick Bryan. If one of the other Nerds is guest hosting on the show, like Kevin, then a third person may join, or those points can go to both players.

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