Earlier today, at the gym, I was looking for the new episode of Hollywood Babble-On on the Smodcast Network to help make my intense cardio workout more bearable. What I learned when I listened was so exciting, I burned a hundred more calories than I usually do.

Kevin Smith has been talking on many of his weekly podcasts about a project that he is involved in, but cannot divulge any details about. Well, now that he has the go ahead from the studio involved, he spent an hour breaking it down in a podcast.

Here’s what we know so far…

Fox is recording a pilot for a “Variety Show” of sorts on Wednesday February 13th. If you are in the L.A. area or close enough for the trip to be worth it, you can find tickets by CLICKING HERE!


The show is tentatively called “Fox Shortcoms Comedy Hour” and the format will be a one hour comedy variety show containing five ten-minute baby sitcoms.

Kevin Smith will be creating and starring in one of them. He will be creating the show with his old pal Andy McElfresh who wrote for Kevin’s ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS segments on The Tonight Show. Acting with him will be Mallrats star Shannen Doherty and Hollywood Babble-On co-host Ralph Garman.

Craig Robinson will be the M.C. of the entire show, and his band NASTY DELICIOUS will be providing live music. According to Smith, the network is imploring an old technique of creating a variety show of short sitcoms to gauge their potential of becoming full sitcoms depending on their success. Also, there will be no cutting of flubbed lines or unforeseen screw-ups to add a charm reminiscent of the Carol Burnett show.

The other shortcoms are being created by some fresh faces and at least one heavy hitter: Neal Brennan. For those who are unaware, Neal Brennan is the other creative mind behind Half Baked and the extremely successful Chappelle’s Show besides of course, Dave Chappelle.  Tennis player turned stand-up comedian Michael Kosta will create another, as well as comedians Dov Davidoff and Ali Wong who will each have their own shortcom.

This is certainly exciting and according to Smith, this idea was all put together by Fox so the likelihood of it not being aired is very low because Fox doesn’t want to look like they screwed the pooch. If it is indeed successful, as I predict it will be, it will become a six to ten episode summer series.

I hope there are many laughs to be had on the Fox Shortcoms Comedy Hour and even if it turns into a huge shit show, Kevin says that participating in this will at least be great fodder for telling stories on his podcasts.



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