How To Enjoy Batman & Robin


I know what you’re thinking and I agree. Batman & Robin is one of the most terrible films to ever disgrace the silver screen, or any screen for that matter. The script is garbage, the acting is awful, and the production design was way over the top. However, a true Batman fan, comic book fan, or comic book movie fan can actually enjoy it and I will tell you how.

Step 1 – Head West… Adam West That Is

Set aside some time to watch at least two episodes of the 1960s Batman TV show or the 1966 Batman film. I hope you have at least a small soft spot for this iconic program as I do because it was extremely significant in the pop culture of the time and without it, we may have had to wait much longer for the current cavalcade of comic book based content we enjoy today.

If you enjoyed your nostalgic session of Adam West’s Batman, then you are ready to actually have fun watching Batman & Robin. It is obvious that Joel Schumacher was doing his best to make an updated film version of this campy show and though he missed the mark, this will surely soften the blow.

Step 2- Acquire The Film

You can currently rent Batman & Robin for $2.99 on Amazon Instant Video or $3.99 on iTunes. You could also buy the DVD for $4.99 on Amazon if you’re into tangible media. We here at Nerdonomy do not condone piracy… but that being said, look inside your heart and ask yourself whether spending any money on this abomination is warranted and make your own decision.

Step 3 – Good Friends and Good Drink

If you have made it this far, then you must have friends that are down for this cause and you must enjoy alcohol. If I’m wrong then so are you. Stop here and go play cards with your grandma or something.

Get your friends together at your place to have a movie party. Make sure everyone is at least 2 drinks in before you hit Play.

Step 4 – The “Mr. Freeze Pun” Drinking Game

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t just one of the worst Batman villains; I believe he has literally ruined the character of Mr. Freeze for any and all future live action Batman adaptations. How did he ruin it? Fucking PUNS! Every ounce of scenery that Arnold chews up is riddled with ice and freezing related puns.  Everyone should take a drink every time he makes a freeze pun.

You could also modify the game so everyone drinks for EVERY pun in the movie, but you’d probably die or at least end up in the hospital getting your stomach pumped.

Step 5 – MST3K The Shit Out Of It

For those of you who don’t remember, MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) was a show and then a movie in which three of the characters sat in the front row of a movie theater and watched horrible movies as we did with them. The kicker was that they made hilarious comments and put funnier words into the mouths of the actors. In case this concept is still lost on you then click here for an example.

 Batman & Robin seems to be made for this kind of lambasting. In fact, if it sincerely was, it would be hailed as genius. Sadly it wasn’t, so don’t be gentle. Make as many funny comments as you can and change the lines around with your friends. My favorite thing to do is to add my own ice related puns for Mr. Freeze throughout. And yes, if it’s funny, everyone must drink.

Follow these five easy steps and this movie will no longer haunt you as it did me for so very long. It will make for an entertaining and fun-filled evening! You’re welcome.


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