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With the vast amount of movies that were released this summer, many of them have already made their way to home video/digital release and sit on my shelf today. However, there are many notable releases from this past summer, that are making their debut just in time for the holidays. Some are good. Some are… less so.

November 5th

 11-05 WHD

White House Down – An entertaining ride that’s simple to follow and full of special effects that should make any thrill-seekers content.

11-05 GU2

Grown Ups 2 – I did not see this, however after seeing the first, I didn’t see why a second was made except for everyone making obscene amounts of money.


November 12th

11-12 T

Turbo – A fun and easy-going story that tries too hard to emulate a Pixar film, yet it has its own charm to keep the viewer interested.

11-12 MOS

Man of Steel – As I’ve said before, it’s a polarizing story compared to the traditional storyline/lineage of Superman, but I really enjoyed Man of Steel and it may end up in my top 20.


November 19th

11-19 P

Planes – Although I didn’t get to see this, Planes was set for straight-to-dvd but “at the last minute,” Disney released it theatrically and it made gobs of money.

11-19 2G

2 Guns – A fun and pleasantly rumpus story. Marky-Mark and the Zel have great chemistry and make the movie work.

 11-19 TWE

The World’s End – This movie connected with me at the perfect moment, shortly after I came back from a short trip to my hometown. Since I’m a HUGE fan of the previous “Cornetto” installments, this will end up in my top 10 for sure. It’s incredibly funny, touching, clever, and original compared to some of the normal fare that came out this year.

 11-19 WTM

We’re the Millers – This film caught me off guard as I had no interest in seeing it and yet when I did, it grew on me since it was funny, a little raunchy, and had some genuine moments.


November 26th

 11-26 R2

Red 2 – After thoroughly enjoying the first one, Red 2 sets out to fulfill the deeds of a sequel (and accomplishes them to a certain extent): bigger, larger cast, more locations, and more fights.

 11-26 J

Jobs – I have a lot of respect for everything that Steve Jobs has contributed to society, and he deserved something MUCH better than this serviceable biopic. Ashton Kutcher is pretty impressive as Jobs, but it’s not enough to hide the severely mediocre and inaccurate film.


December 3rd

12-03 TW

The Wolverine – This edition comes with an extended cut that gives fans the first rated R Wolverine story. The theatrical release was really good, but the extended edition does make the experience more authentic compared to the comics, in my opinion. This should end up on my top 20 of the year.

 12-03 TS2

The Smurfs 2 – Why on God’s green (or blue) earth would I watch this utter garbage?


December 10th

 12-10 DM2

Despicable Me 2 – Although it’s really enjoyable, it’s not as good as the first, but the minions are much funnier this time around.

 12-10 FF6

Fast and Furious 6 – In my opinion, this is easily the most fun and the best of the series. I can’t wait to watch the extended edition and get engrossed in the special features on how they broke the rules on physics while making this movie.


December 17th

12-17 E

Elysium – A strong sophomore entry by Neill Blomkamp that holds its own, even if it doesn’t match the intensity and originality of his first film, District 9. I really enjoyed this film and was lucky to see it in IMAX. I’m definitely looking forward to all the special features about how the effects were made!


December 31st

 12-31 DJ

Don Jon – A surprisingly authentic and original story by the ever-so-great JGL. Great performances all around and I can’t wait to see what JGL’s does next.

Kevin Sutorius

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