Lego to the Movies

Hey there dear readers, Kevin Sutorius here. I’m back with another new series, “Lego to the Movies” where I compare various Lego sets with their movie counterpart. For my first entry, I am covering the brand new Back to the Future Time Machine set, that was just released on July 23rd. What makes this set so special is that a Lego fan designed this and Lego made into a sellable set through their project called Cuusoo. The idea behind Cuusoo (lego.cuusoo.com) is that you submit a design, and if 10,000 people vote for it, the Lego company goes through the legal steps to try to make the set a reality. Additionally, another special feature of this set is for every BTTF set sold, a portion of the revenue goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. The set is sold globally starting August 1st through lego.com or participating Lego retail stores.

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