Deadpool: Ribbed for Her Pleasure

You were probably expecting us to discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Don’t worry: we will do that next episode.  We wanted to give everyone enough time to see it before we can all savor the spoilers.  This week, we instead discuss Deadpool in all of its adult-themed, and badass comic book movie glory.

But not before exploring the object of Bryan’s Bag of Fears.  Even though we joke about Xenomorphs quite a bit, we learn more what motivates his fear of them; Bryan was legitimately triggered in the opening of the episode, and it’s worth noting that it took a fair amount of convincing Bryan to let us keep this moment in the show.  We agreed that it was important to share him reacting the way he did, and that he was initially uncomfortable with this content not being edited out.  We do this not to make fun of him, but to illustrate that this is a not an easy challenge for him to overcome.  We hope you will join us in dialing back on the Alien-inspired humor going forward.

Now, on with the movie talk!

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