Bryan’s Oscar Challenge Update

On our January 11th blog post, I posed a challenge to our readers and listeners to see 18 of the Oscar nominated films (check out the post to see the details and prizes!).

It seems this year, the Challenge has proven to be rather daunting. I myself have a mere 7 films to go prior to the big day. I was ahead of my pace, and then I skipped a week. So now I need to see 3 films this week to catch up. Thankfully, I will have plenty of time to sit and relax and watch movies because as you are reading this, I am having my wisdom teeth extracted.

While my perception of the films may be drastically altered due to my being on heavy painkillers, I will nevertheless give it the old college try.

I did however find one flaw in the Challenge: The Master is no longer in theatres and is due to be released on Home Video on February 26th. That is two days after the Ceremony. Of course this one is needed for the Best Actor/Supporting Actor/Supporting Actress categories in Level 3.


With my sincerest apologies for this unforeseen hiccup, and given that it will be extremely difficult to see the movie, I am offering a substitution for those who have not seen the movie:

You must instead see ALL of the Best Animated/Live Action Shorts, as long as you aren’t using it for Level 2 of the challenge. Their sum total should be approximately the length of a feature, and a few, such as Disney’s amazing Paperman, are even available online for free. By the way, iTunes, among others, will be releasing them all on February 19.

Godpseed, Filmgoers!


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