Bring That Booty Back

After a month long “break,”  Bryan returns to Nerds on History!

With the gang all back together again, they share with our audience how things have been going in their lives.  Sarah has been working hard at raising money for her day job, while Bryan has been at work on his “7-hour epic Swedish one-man show.” Eric has been keeping up with the same old routine.

After catching up and joking around, the NoH trifecta going into a wonderful discussion detailing the life of another one of history’s greatest conquerors:  Genghis Khan.  And yes, it’s pronounced with a “j” sound.   As always, we hope you enjoy this episode, and as always, encourage your feedback.

Click here to download the podcast file.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Mongolia by Steffen Wurzel

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