6 Etsy Shops for Geeks

Editor’s Note: Nerdonomy is not formally advertising or receiving monetary gain from these shops. We are simply online shopping aficionados that are interested in sharing good geeky work.

As some of you folks may know, I’m a bit of a craft junkie. I love the DIY lifestyle, and I seethe with envy at those with the skill level to sell their product online successfully, instead of giving away as semi appreciated gifts.


But they’re so cute!!!

So in the interest of getting you to spend your money to support online artisans, here I present to you some totally rad online Etsy shops for your browsing and going-broke enjoyment.

6. Skahfee Studios

I recently purchased a gift from this artist for a Christmas present and it was a roaring success. The recipient is a huge Sherlock fan, and now has this beauty adorning his hallway.

Skahfee Studios creates graphic images composed with blocks of text, each one consisting of quotes from that really cool thing you like. Sherlock? Check. Star Wars? Check. BSGPrincess Bride, Breaking BadEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Checkity check check.

It’s all printed on quality glossy paper that looks gorgeous in a frame, and from personal experience, I can tell you that it was delivered in a secure packaged tube, undamaged, and super timely during peak shopping season. So spruce up your interior decorating, and keep your house guests busy as they squint and pore over every word embedded in the art.

5. Geeky and Cheeky

This may be because I’m a total sucker for felt handicrafts (see finger puppets above), but I love Geeky and Cheeky’s felt dolls. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with their favorite character from The Guild, or perhaps a favorite Doctor?


The average sized dolls seem to be about a foot in length and they’re just so darn adorable! Plus I loved that the shop owner clearly has a sense of humor in her work. I present to you Exhibits A and B proving hilarity.



Murder has never seemed so sweet! I’m kind of resisting the urge to just throw my money at Geeky and Cheeky right now…

4. Chischilly Pottery

This is the store for Renaissance Faire nerds like myself.

I love the artistry and detail presented in these products. I bought a black version of the  dragon mug seen above as a gift for my brother, and it never fails to show up at every party and gathering to hold his libations. Don’t worry about the lack of a flat bottom! The mug rests by the mouth of the creature and handle, and it is sturdy!

Chischilly’s shop also sells steins, vases, goblets, and handled drinking horns, each with the similar flare of celtic/viking/medieval design. She even has a mugs with dragons inspired by Skyrim for the fangirls and boys out there. This shop is a must see if you’re interested in adding some ancient badassery into your life.

3. Malena Valcarcel

Maybe I’m cheating a little on this one…

I found this shop through one of my all time favorite websites www.marysue.com. They featured Valcarcel’s book art in a post recently and I fell in love. I’m a bit of a bibliophile, and it comes out in my taste for art and decor. Yes, books should be held sacred and not destroyed, but…

…this is beautiful, and transformative. I can’t argue with pieces like this as it lends itself to what us booklovers feel and believe by the simply visual representation that stories can come to life.

Valcarcel’s shop includes decorative and wearable items, and each one is stunning. Being that I enjoy functional beauty myself, I really love her “burned” book that can be used as a lamp with an LED candle.

2. Computers & Clocks

Speaking of functionality, check out these upcycled computer parts turned awesomeness.

For the tech nerd in your life…that may actually just be you. This guy revives old junky pieces to become fun “whimsical” art for your home. Do you long for the old days of floppy disks? He’s got a clock for that. Looking for a fun new windchime? He’s made one from old CDs, and it doubles as a suncatcher. He also has jewelry made from leftover clock parts for those interested in  mech/tech fashion.

This page is frankly is inspirational. I love that people are so motivated to make treasure out of trash and bring it to the world with a fresh sense of purpose and “cool”. Good on ya, Computers & Clocks. Good on ya.

1. Neurons Not Included

Okay I like this shop simply because it’s really, really fun. Where else can you find an “Xray” wrist cuff that shows an actual xray of a wrist?

Or this super cool print of “GAMER” all spelled out with popular game titles?

Or silly made up Periodic Elements in jewelry?

I like this shop because it has something for everyone, and a lot of it is practical (which isn’t always what Etsy is about).

So everyone, go spend some money!!

Sarah Ashley

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