2 Catholic Kids Talk About Easter. Deal with It.

With Gina and Bryan co-hosting the episode, you know things are going to turn Catholic.  In addition to answering the all important question: “Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar?”  They proceed to talk about their weird picks for Easter viewing, post Brunch.


Listen as Gina and Bryan talk about the Rankin Bass “classic” Here Comes Peter Cottontail and the 70’s horror cult film Night of the Lepus, as well as biblical spinoff The Robe and a couple of their favorite South Park Easter-themed episodes.


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Ooey Gooey Creampuff Jesus

Bryan and Sarah wrap up March with a brief history of Easter.  Listen as we explore the holiday from both Christian and Pagan traditions, and learn that Sarah is afraid of her shadow.  Enjoy!

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Photo Credit:  “Easter Eggs from the Czech Republic,” Jan Kameníček, Public Domain

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