Original Artwork of Stan Lee

A Requiem for Stan Lee, The Truest Believer

This episode is long overdue. Even though his death was over 2 months ago, we knew it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a requiem for the one and only  Stan Lee.

Before we launch into our eulogy of The Man himself, we each share how our Holiday’s went.  Roxi shares her celebrity encounter with Lucy Liu on Christmas, Bryan and his wife Vanessa talk about another one of their Disneyland trips.

Schwetty Schweet Guacamole!

Roxi returns to the podcast, but unfortunately, Sean was out of town and could not record remotely.  After talking about Bryan’s sweet guacamole (yes, it’s a thing, and it’s DELICIOUS), Roxi and Bryan launch into their review of Deadpool 2 while Gina provides reactions and commentary.  Enjoy!


Also, the Iranian music heard underneath Mama Nobari’s appearance was provided by Peyman Heydarian via the Free Sound Library.