Spy Stuff – Part II 1

Eric and Bryan continue their conversation about Espionage, though this time they focus on the tools of the trade.  Enjoy! Click here if the media player below has trouble loading.


Photo Credit: Top left: Aerial photographs of Schlosshotel KronbergBottom left and centerFrankfurtRight: Pigeons fitted with cameras, Public Domain.

One thought on “Spy Stuff – Part II

  • furbee21@yahoo.com

    Regarding “silencers”, this is a nerd site so I’m gonna nerd. The sound suppressor is a well studied device. Some use simple baffles to slow gas pressure relief, some use counterbalancing sounds to create a white noise effect. Many suppressors just provide a discrete enclosed space for the pressure wave to expend its energy. I was shocked buy the short research you put into the episode, nerds should nerd a bit more. We all love gadgets and bond and intrigue, lets all be accurate. Still love the shows and will keep listening.