With the powers of Nerds of Film and Culturally Ill combined, we litigate the hell out of Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition. We laughed. We laughed. We laughed. Ben laughed way too loudly. Bryan didn’t cry. Sean came. Ethan drank. In the end we landed…pretty much exactly where we started! But we had a lot of fun, made a lot of jokes, and talked for about an hour longer than we intended.

The Whims of Misogynistic Douchebags — Batman v Superman: Ultimate ...

This episode, Eric and Sarah’s schedules were a bit too full to be able to record this episode. Nerdonomy co-founder Dave McGuire sat in with Bryan, and they discussed some of the numerous historical parallels between characters and events in Game of Thrones.  This will be a fun episode, that it LOADED with spoilers, so you’ve been warned.  Enjoy!

Crossbows & Prostitutes

After another funny appearance by the Pirates of the Internet, the gang continues the history of piracy, talking about some of the most well-known (and some not so well-known) Pirates to sail the Seas, as well as an insightful education on the nature of contemporary piracy.

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Salt-N-Peppa Beard

After warding off The Pirates of the Internet in their cold open, Eric, Bryan and Sarah launch into part 1 of a 2-parter discussion on the history of Piracy.

In this first part, we start with Piracy’s ancient beginnings, discuss the root of the word and build up through the middle ages.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ancient Roman mosaic depicting Neptune and Pirates.

The Evil Pirate Cruella De Vil

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t record a new episode for all of you in time for release. So, we have decided to share a “lost” episode from November of 2015.  So while this is episode 145, you’re actually hearing an unused “Episode 135”.

It’s really interesting to hear Bryan, Sarah, & Roxi speculate on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and realize how right, and how wrong they were about certain things. Enjoy this short-term time capsule with some updated feedback from Sean at the end!

The Lost Episode – Han Got Chewy in the Divorce

After another punny cold open light-bulb joke, Eric, Sarah, & Bryan continue their science theme for the month with a discussion into the fascinating personal life and scientific contributions of the one and only: Albert Einstein.

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PHOTO CREDIT:  Famous photograph of Albert Einstein, digitally colorized by Zuzahin.

It’s All Relative