How many times do we actually get to release a new Halloween episode ON Halloween?!  Almost never.  Okay, once every 6 years, thanks to Leap Days.

So, this year we decided to talk about the cultural evolution of ghost stories throughout history, as well as story, and inspiration behind the first truly American ghost story: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

A Corpse is a Corpse, of Course, of Course

With all of the commotion happening around the 2016 presidential election,  Eric, Sarah and Bryan decided to have some fun in their cold open with a spoof of the debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Afterwards, the Nerds welcome back The Wheel of History to share some insight on past controversial elections, candidates and debates.  Enjoy, and please, go out and vote!

Hail to the Wheel

With the powers of Nerds of Film and Culturally Ill combined, we litigate the hell out of Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition. We laughed. We laughed. We laughed. Ben laughed way too loudly. Bryan didn’t cry. Sean came. Ethan drank. In the end we landed…pretty much exactly where we started! But we had a lot of fun, made a lot of jokes, and talked for about an hour longer than we intended.

The Whims of Misogynistic Douchebags — Batman v Superman: Ultimate ...

This episode, Eric and Sarah’s schedules were a bit too full to be able to record this episode. Nerdonomy co-founder Dave McGuire sat in with Bryan, and they discussed some of the numerous historical parallels between characters and events in Game of Thrones.  This will be a fun episode, that it LOADED with spoilers, so you’ve been warned.  Enjoy!

Crossbows & Prostitutes