In this episode, we begin a two-parter that starts a new annual theme: Spielberguary! In Part I, we discuss Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  We also welcome back Nerds on Film co-founder Dave McGuire to join in the discussion!

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Spielberguary: Nazis and Bible Sh*t Part I   Recently updated !

While the fervor from both movies has passed, the nerds decided to review Justice League (at length), as well as Thor: Ragnarok. WARNING: We definitely include spoilers from both movies, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and that matters do you, make sure you’ve seen these  movies first. We hope you enjoy it!

Superhero Double Feature: Capes and Drapes

This week, the nerds each give a short review of a movie that the other nerds haven’t seen.

We hope you enjoy our reviews of Blade Runner 2049Professor Marston and the Wonder WomenKingsman: The Golden Circle, and the Netflix Original movie Gerald’s Game.

What on Earth does this title have to do with our episode topic?  Listen and find out!

Giant Southern Tea Party Lady Hats

In a more serious-toned episode, Sean, Roxi, Gina and Bryan discuss the recent scandal around Harvey Weinstein. Please take note: this episode was recorded before the allegations arising around Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Brett Rattner, and others.

We hope you find this discussion engaging, and take our call to action to heart.  Thanks!

A Cycle of Toxicity

Strap in, Nerds!  In a last minute change of plans, Sean was not able to join us for this round of episodes.  So, we decided to do an ADD-fueled topicless episode, where we accidentally ended up reviewing IT.

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In case you were wondering…this is the “Save the Date” that was shown.

Scotty Wants to Talk about IT